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SG Basic Theory Test

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The SG Basic Theory Test is administered by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) traffic police. There are a total of 11 types of driving licenses in Singapore categorized by age and type of vehicle. Whether you are a resident or a foreigner in Singapore, if you are 18, you are eligible to apply for a driving license, and this Qualified Driving License (QDL) will be valid till you turn 65 years old.

Anyone can obtain a driving license by passing the set of 3 tests which includes the SG Basic Theory Test, Final Theory Test, and a practical Driving Test. Know that you must be prepared for the SG Basic Theory Test question since it could be a bit complex. With our Basic Theory Test practice questions, you can gain as much experience as you can to pass your basic driving theory test in one go!

About The SG Driving Theory Test

Singapore Driving License Test comprises of two theory tests, namely Basic Theory Test (BTT) and Final Theory Test (FTT), and one practical test. Each theory test consists of 50 questions and passing with 90% is mandatory, which means you can only get 5 wrong answers out of 50 to qualify for the test.

To obtain the Singaporean driving license, the aspirant must start training for driving lessons at one of the three recognized driving centers, Bukit Batok Driving Centre, ComfortDelGro Driving Centre, and Singapore Safety Driving Centre. A provisional driving licence (or learner’s licence) can be obtained by clearing the basic driving theory questions, however, to acquire a QDL, you must take up the FTT, finish your three mandatory simulator tests, and then finally clear the driving test.

Get Your Singapore Driving Licence in 5 Easy Steps

  • SG Basic Theory Test – The first step requires you to register for a BTT at one of the three driving centers. Refer the handy theory guide and take the test.
  • Provisional Driving Licence – Once you pass your BTT, go ahead and apply for a PDL through SPF website. Only after obtaining this licence, can you take practical driving lessons.
  • Final Theory Test – The second theory test must be passed in order to go forward with the procedure.
  • Take the Simulator Lessons – Finish your three mandatory simulator course modules at the driving centre you are enrolled at.
  • Final Driving Test – This will be your practical driving test which will have you drive on a dedicated driving circuit and on public roads, both.
Type Of Test

Eligibility for Singapore Qualified Driving Licence

  • Class 1 – The minimum age required for a Class 1 driving licence is 18 years. This category of licence is issued only to people with physical disabilities to ride their special carriages/vehicles.
  • Class 2B – The required age for a Class 2B driving licence is 18 and this applies to people who drive motorcycles with a maximum 200cc engine capacity and electric motorcycles with a maximum 15kW power rating.
  • Class 2A – The applicant must be 19 years old and hold a Class 2B licence for at least one year. Can drive motorcycles with a max 400cc engine capacity and electric motorcycles with a max 25kW power rating.
  • Class 2 – The age required is 20 years and this licence allows you to drive motorcycles having 400cc engine capacity and electric motorcycles having a power rating of more than 25kW.
  • Class 3 – You must be 18 years old to acquire this driving licence, which allows you to drive unloaded manual and automatic transmissions like motorcars and motor tractors.
  • Class 3A – The age required is 18 and allows to drive only automatic transmissions. Motorcars and motor tractors without clutch pedals, unladen of weight fall into this category.
  • Class 3C – The required age is 18 and it allows you to drive motorcars carrying not more than 7 passengers.
  • Class 3AC – The required age is 18 and it is for inexperienced drivers who want to opt for only Class 3A automatic transmissions.
  • Class 4A – The minimum age to apply is 21 and this QDL is for drivers working for a public bus company.
  • Class 4 – The requirements are 21 years of age and possession of a Class 3 QDL. This driving licence allows you to drive heavy motor vehicles of unladen weight exceeding 2,500 kg (about 5511.55 Lb).
  • Class 5 – The requirements are 21 years of age and possession of a Class 4 QDL. This driving licence allows you to drive heavy motor vehicles of unladen weight exceeding 7,500 kg (about 16534.65 Lb).
Mock Theory Test

SG Basic Theory Test Online Practice

We have designed Basic Theory Test question and answer mock sessions which will ensure you get a grip on the questionnaire prior attending the actual test. There are various Singapore Basic Theory Test practice tests to choose from which are going to help you prepare for the test, without costing you anything.

Our tests are carefully crafted to assess your knowledge and to provide insights on your learning and weak points. Use our free basic theory mock test to upgrade your learning, improve on your shortcomings, and prepare yourself for the driving license Basic Theory Test to pass with a good score on your first attempt.

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The website has classified the Singapore driving theory test practice questions into three categories, namely, Car Theory Test, Bike Theory Test, and Truck Theory Test.

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The Singapore basic theory test online practice samples will cost you nothing. Our free mock tests cover basics of driving, emergency situations, rules for driving on highways and freeways, and so on.

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