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Study the Theory Test Book

Go through the Basic Theory Test (BTT) book and a Highway Code book and become familiar with the rules of the road and safe driving practices followed in the state.

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Assess your knowledge of road rules with our practice tests and evaluate yourself to study further. If you need more practice, attempt all the practice tests available on our platform and prepare well for the BTT.

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Real Exam-Like Questions

Our practice tests are designed similarly to the SG basic theory test. The format and question types closely resemble the official test, giving a realistic exam experience for the learners. This helps test takers familiarize themselves with the driving theory test Singapo before approaching it.

Questions from the Handbook

The questions on our practice tests are prepared using the information derived from the SG basic theory test book and highway code book, which makes our questions real exam-like ones and most likely to come on your Singapore BBT.

Learn Current and Accurate Content

We ensure that our questions are based on the latest information provided in the theory book to provide relevant content for the learners. This ensures that learners are studying the most current and accurate road-related information about the state.

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Questions for All Vehicle Categories

Whether you need practice tests to prepare for a car, bike, or truck, we offer practice tests for these vehicle categories. You can choose your vehicle type and practice with questions specific to your vehicle.

Unlimited Practice Sessions

Our practice tests offer unlimited attempts, allowing you to practice as many times as you need until you learn all the concepts and become confident enough to approach the SG basic theory test.

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You can take our tests from anywhere at any time. Finish the test at your own pace and practice in your comfortable space and at your convenience. Our tests are easily accessible even through your mobile devices, allowing you to fit practice sessions into your busy schedule.

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After completing each question, we provide immediate feedback, indicating whether the answer was correct or not. Along with feedback, we provide detailed explanations for each answer, helping you to understand the correct answer. Learn from your mistakes and improve after each test.

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Our platform has performance-tracking features that allow you to monitor your progress over time. These features enable you to identify areas in which you are weak and need more focus and practice.

Know the SG Basic Theory Test to Ace the Test

The Singapore Basic Theory Test (BTT) is an essential step towards obtaining a driving license in Singapore. The test assesses applicants’ knowledge of traffic rules and road signs to ensure safe driving techniques. This theory test is administered by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) traffic police and is often known as the Singapore traffic police basic theory test.

Aspiring drivers in Singapore must complete three sets of tests, which include the SG Basic Theory Test, the Final Theory Test, and the Practical Driving Test. The basic driving theory test Singapore is difficult and requires ample practice before attempting it. However, we make it easy to succeed with our practice tests that resemble the driving test theory Singapo. Take our tests and become confident enough to pass on your first attempt.

Structure of the Test

  • Format: The questions in the test are designed in a multiple-choice format.
  • Number of Questions: The test consists of 50 multiple-choice questions.
  • Content: The SG Basic Theory Test covers traffic rules and traffic signs.
    • Singapore Traffic Rules: Includes right of way, road markings, permissible speeds, overtaking rules, lane discipline, and traffic control devices.
    • Singapore Traffic Signs: Recognizing and interpreting various road signs to ensure effective navigation.
  • Duration: 50 minutes.
  • Passing Score: To pass the test, applicants must score 90% or above by getting at least 45 out of 50 questions correct.
  • If Failed: If you fail the Singapore BTT, you can reapply and take the exam on the next available timeslot. However, we recommend you prepare well before taking the exam to avoid retaking it. Take our practice tests, which will help you easily pass the exam.

Requirements to Sit for the Basic Driving Theory Test Singapore

  • Age: Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to sit for the Singapore basic theory test.
  • Documents: Submit the necessary documents, such as ID proof and residency status.
  • Pass the Vision Test: Applicants must pass the eyesight test and color-blindness tests before attempting the SG basic theory test.

Gear Up for the Next Level

What’s Next After the BTT?

Get your learner’s License

Once you pass the basic theory test, you will receive your provisional driving license or learner’s license.

Training and Lessons

Start training at a recognized driving center and complete the minimum number of lessons before taking the next final tests.

Final Theory Test (FTT)

Once prepared, take your final theory test by paying the required fee.

Practical Driving Test

After completing your FTT, you can take your practical driving tests, where you should demonstrate your safe driving skills. Upon passing the test, you can apply for a driving license by paying the required amount.